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Mindful delivers satisfying portions that are not only delicious, but also meet a wide array of specific nutrition guidlines that control the level of calories, fat, saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, and sodium, while maximizing the amount of fiber and other essential nutrients. It is a way of life and step in the right direction leading the initiative that Binghamton University is making towards helping it's students live a healthier lifestyle. Headed by our campus Dietitian, Alexa Schmidt, Mindful works to bring events and awareness programs to campus with the ultimate goal of improving the health and wellness of its students. A healthier you is a happier you and today can be your first step in that direction!

Check out our upcoming events, browse through our student resources and feel free to contact Alexa Schmidt with any questions on how to get involved!


Look for the Mindful Icon at Dining Locations across campus:




Take Out

Thursday, October 17 at pm

CIW Dining Hall





Campus dining is always ensuring that you will be able to find a healthy alternative at all times of the day!

In addition to healthy alternatives offered at each entree station during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, The NourishU:Market Fresh Station in the Appalachain Collegiate Center (Mountainview Dining Hall) features a well-balanced meal each and every day for lunch and dinner! Check below to learn more about these healthy alternatives:


About Market Fresh


Appalachian Collegiate Center Market Fresh Station








4 - Stay Healthy! Strive for 10,000 steps a day!
You can get there many different ways!

Alexa Schmidt - Campus Dietitian

Room 21 in the West Gym.
Office Phone: (607) 777-2716
E-Mail: aschmidt@budining.com
Check out the "Meet the Dietitian" Page

Nutrition Calculator
Looking for the nutritional content of a select item served in our dining halls?
Check out the Nutrition Calculator.

Tomorrow Starts 2Day
Explore Sodexo's initiative to making healthier decisions: http://tomorrowstarts2day.com/

USDA ChooseMyPlate
This site run by the United States Department of Agriculture offers the ability to plan and track your diet making steps towards a healthier lifestyle!


Nourishu Recipies

Peanutty Energy Bars
Black Bean Brownies
John's Med Pasta Recipe
Blueberry Spinach Smoothie


What is VEGAN?

Vegan contains only plant-based ingredients.
Vegan excludes all meats and meat by-products, all poultry, all fish, all seafood, all diary, all eggs, all egg containing products and all honey.

What are the
vegan food accommodations/options

on campus?

Vegan foods on campus are identified with a “Vn.”

The “Gifts from the Garden (GFTG)” station at College in the Woods Dining Hall features different entrees and desserts daily to accommodate students looking for vegan alternatives. Lunch and dinner is served Monday through Friday and Brunch and Dinner is served Saturday and Sunday.

Options At All Dining Locations:
Boca Burgers
Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
Salad Bar/Salad Dressings
Whole-Wheat Pasta and Marinara Sauce
Breads, Hummus, Veggies, Boca Nuggets and Soy Cheese at the Deli
Vegan Dessert Options (Daily)
Soy Milk
Dried Fruit
Dry Cereal
100% Fruit juices


Meats, meat products, seafood, fish and poultry are excluded. Vegetarian dishes may contain milk and/or eggs.

What are the
vegetarian accommodations/options
on campus?

Vegetarian items are identified with a “V” on campus.

All the above vegan items are also vegetarian options .
Ravioli, Tortellini
Boca Products and Garden Burgers
Grilled Cheese
Black bean quesadilla
Egg Omelets
Hard boiled eggs
Vegetable Sandwich at the Deli
Yogurt/Greek yogurt
Lactaid milk/1% chocolate milk/skim milk


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